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Access Control Systems


Access Control Systems are a vital part of security in an enterprise situation, from small, medium and large-scale businesses. These can be installed in any location inside and outside of your facility, need authenticated and authorized access? An Access Control System may be your answer.
Mircom provides a wide variety of access control solutions to protect your facility from keypads & readers, door controllers, credential scanners (access cards) and electronic door strikes and locks. Authentication and authorization provides restrictions to doors and elevators.
Centralized Management
Mircom provides a platform that can be managed from one location. Centralized authentication/authorization management presents a solution that is scalable and easy to manage with minimal cost and training.
Access Control is a vital component to a secured facility, as such, authentication and authorization plays a huge role in protecting your companies data, rooms and physical boundaries. Authentication will ensure they are who they are and authorization ensures they are accessing what they are supposed to be accessing.


Hatrix access control provides a cloud-based solution which utilizes technology called “EntraPass” and provides a full scale of hosted and managed access control systems.
Hatrix (Kantech)
Utilizing this technology, Hatrix can be shaped to provide the solution that best matches your company’s specific needs, flexible and scalable, with minimal training and infrastructure costs.
EntraPass is Hatrix’s unique security management software that provides centralized management that is scalable and robust for hosted and managed access control systems. This solution can be implemented with minimal training and infrastructure costs.
Specific Access Control Needs
Hatrix can be implemented to provide specific access control needs, shaped to any solution that your company requires. This process is very flexible and can be tweaked to meet your companies specific needs.


Electronic access control systems are highly required and sought after. Specialty locks, including magnetic and wireless varieties to provide a sense of security to you and your co-workers. The electric and magnetic varieties can provide biometric solutions running through a completely centralized management system. Logging entry and exit events with timestamps and identification.
Keyscan (Dormakaba)
Keyscan technologies provides an effective access control solution through the means of electronic door locks/strikes, readers & credentials (access card). With dedicated access control switches including door and elevator controllers. Keyscan can also provide specialty locks to suit your companies requirements.
Time Clocks & Labor Collection
Keyscan offers an in depth solution matching your companies requirements, this includes time clocks and labor collection. This provides an easy management option for logging time and labor requirements.


Truportal is an effective Access Control Solutions that is practical for small to medium size applications.
Multi-Faceted Security
Keyscan is considered a multi-faceted security system as it provides integration with video monitoring, to match access events with footage. This is used to detect anomalies, prevent intrusions, and provide a sense of accountability.
Easy to configure, easy to use
Keyscan offers a centralized web-based management platform that is accessible via mobile devices. This is all configured with a minimal investment.