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    Omega Monitoring offers fast and responsive ULC rated fire monitoring for mid and western Canadian properties.


    Today’s fire and building codes require ULC fire monitoring systems to be redundant for up to 24 hours. Regardless of the emergency type, all signals need to make it to the 24/7 live staffed monitoring station.

    Communications Line: A telephone line is typically rated for 24 hours of emergency power (Telus). Our cellular radio backup provides redundancy should the phone line fail.

    Power: All of our fire monitor panels are designed to have battery backup for 24/hrs in the case of a power outage. In the event of a longer power outage, the building will be advised by our 24/7 live staffed monitoring station to go on fire watch.

    With our Fire Monitoring package, should a fire occur, the monitoring equipment will immediately take control of the designated phone line, even if it is in use, and instantly send a signal to the monitoring station. If the fire has destroyed the main line, the secondary cellular line will be used.

    As added assurance, the monitoring system provides daily status reports to the fire department to ensure everything is working properly.


    Expertise and Dedication

    Omega has specialized in fire monitoring since 1993.

    We use only the very best equipment. The monitoring is done, 24/7, at a ULC rated fire monitoring station by highly trained, professional dispatchers who adhere to NFPA Standards for both 9-1-1 calls and direct alarm monitoring processing. Omega Fire Monitoring is the premium monitoring service available throughout the Okanagan and western Canada. Our process and practices were built by a direct partnership with the local Fire Department and Dispatch team. As part of the Omega group of companies, Omega Fire Monitoring is also supported by 40+ years of experience in the communications industry.

    Complete Code Compliance

    While some buildings have a different set of legal requirements for fire monitoring, such as fire codes, building laws, as well as ULC, CSA, AHJ, and CAN/ULC-S561-03 requirements, our equipment is fully compliant. You will never have to question your Insurance coverage.

    Free Lifetime Maintenance

    All our clients enjoy lifetime free maintenance on their Omega Monitoring equipment for as long as they continue using our system! If you were ever to experience issues, our senior
    technicians would promptly fix the system at no expense to you.

    Insurance Requirement

    All insurance companies require 24/7 fire monitoring for new buildings. Existing structures who are not currently monitored may be paying higher premiums.

    Industry Leading Installation and Service

    Thanks to our ULC certified monitoring station and service teams, you can be sure your systems are being monitored and installed to the highest standards.

    Redundant Systems

    The right tools for the job ensure that every signal is sent and received EVERY time.

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