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Omega Solutions Partner: RF Technologies

We are proud to supply numerous healthcare solutions from RF Technologies, a company with over 30 years of history in life safety systems.

RF Technologies is a leading provider of safety and security solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, and education markets, leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time locating system (RTLS) technologies. The RF Technologies brand family includes CODE ALERT® call and wander management systems, SAFE PLACE® patient security systems,
HELP ALERT® mobile panic alarms, EXACTRACK® equipment location systems, and SENSATEC® fall management products.

Nurse Call Systems: Quick Response Plus

Simple, Reliable UL 2560 Certified Wireless Call

Useful as a nurse call or emergency call system, Quick Response Plus helps residents reliably call for help.

  • Pendants for more mobile residents
  • Pull Cord and Push Button Call Stations for bathrooms and common areas
  • Nurse Cord Call Station for bedside assistance


Smart ID Location Detection

Room-level or area-level resident locationing is available with Smart ID for the fastest response to residents in need of assistance. A resident’s location is available once the pendant button is pushed.

Detailed Reporting

Review events, causes and staff response time to proactively target care with resident-specific reports.

  • Show proof of care in report form to family members when needed
  • Schedule medication dispensing reminders and other planned activities


Nurse Call Systems: Quick Response Premiere

Simple, Reliable Wireless Call

Useful as a nurse call or emergency call system, Quick Response Premiere helps residents reliably call for help.

  • Pendants for more mobile residents (indoors and outdoors)
  • Pull Cord and Push Button Call Stations for bathrooms and common areas
  • Nurse Cord Call Station for bedside assistance


Certified to UL 1069, Edition 7

QR Premiere devices have been tested thousands of times to meet safety and performance standards. Compliance to UL 1069 Edition 7 is mandatory for hospitals and for skilled nursing communities in many states including California, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Voice-to-Voice Communication

Caregivers can have a hands-free, voice-to-voice conversation with residents to assess their call and reassure them that help is on the way.

Visual Call Notification

Dome lights above a resident’s door turn on when a bathroom or bedroom call device is activated. 

Wireless Fall Management

The CA630 Fall Alarm Unit works with the Quick Response Premiere system to send alerts wirelessly without the need for an adapter.

Fall Management Products: Sensatec Fall Management Solutions


Reduce the risk of falls while preserving the dignity and comfort of those under your care.

When your staff members need to focus on caring for patients, you need a simple fall prevention solution that helps them do just that.

New! ST750 Voice Alarm
Recording a voice message from a family member or loved one can encourage patients to wait for help. Customize the alert further with 8 tones or melodies.
Restraint-free Fall Prevention
Sensatec uses two components – an alarm unit and sensor – that connect to proactively alert staff if a resident or patient at risk of falling attempts to leave a chair or bed.
Comfortable Sensor Pads
No-slip sensor pads are available in multiple models for short patient stays or long-term monitoring. Large chair and oversized bed pads cover more surface area for fewer false alarms. Pads are durable and latex-free.
Silent, Local Alarm
Integrate with existing nurse call systems for a local, silent alarm at a central computer station to reduce alarm fatigue.
Tamper Alert
If pad is disconnected from the alarm unit, an alarm automatically sounds to ensure at-risk residents remain protected.

Real-time Locating Systems

 There is a need in high-care units to provide additional security to patients and residents. High-care units that have Alzheimer, dementia or other persons-at-risk of wandering will benefit from MRC’s RTLS system. As staff are performing their daily tasks, MRC RTLS monitors the movements of persons and provides real-time information on their whereabouts, using MRC 4025 TAG badges, MRC 4026 Beacon or Beacon with IR options and MRC 4020 wireless gateways. MRC RTLS works in conjunction with MRC FUGIT or MRC NECS. The system can be customized to meet specific needs and provides reports and audit trails.
MRC 4025 Tag Badge

The RFID location tag is designed to be used in MRC’s RTLS system. The location tags will transmit the received beacon ID (in its close range) along with its own tag ID to the reader. The tag location will be resolved by the server when the tag ID and beacon ID pair will be received from the reader.

MRC 4026 / 4026 IR, Beacon & Beacon with optional IR

The location beacons MRC 4026 and MRC 4026 IR are designed to be used with MRC’s RTLS system. The location beacon is installed at a fix location as defined by the system. Each reader is assigned with an ID unique to the system and the beacon ID is used as an identification of the location.

The location beacon periodically transmits its ID at 125 kHz RF. The tags transmit the received beacon ID (in its close range) along with its own tag ID to the reader. The tag location is resolved by the server when tag ID and beacon ID pair is received from the reader.

IR option: The additional Infrared sensor detects the presence of a person within the detection range. The reader then transmits the beacon ID and tag ID.

MRC 4020 Gateway (Proximity Reader)

MRC 4020 gateway is used by MRC’s security systems FUGIT and MRC RTLS for the real time location of persons at risk.

The MRC 4020 gateway is installed in strategic locations where wandering alert is necessary for the protection of those at risk.

Readers can be installed inside a facility to control access where there are doors, staircases, corridors, elevators, storage rooms, kitchens etc … and that at exit points or areas outside input (eg patios, terraces).

Wanderer Management Systems

Customizable Solution

Better care improves resident safety and peace of mind for their families. So why draw attention to a wandering management system? Blend it into your community for a more home-like environment.

Restraint-free Protection

If a patient wearing a transmitter attempts to exit a monitored area, the transmitter triggers the lock and alerts nurses, all through wireless technology. When not near an exit, the resident can freely move throughout the community with dignity.

CodeWatch Transmitters

CodeWatch® is a small, lightweight transmitter used to reduce the risk of resident elopements. A wristwatch appearance and three different, attractive face designs help preserve resident dignity and individuality.

  • Water-resistant with a one-year lifetime
  • Restraint-free
Computer-free Perimeter Mode

Installed without a computer, the Model T30 solution is an “always armed” system. Bypass with a security code or optional integration with a card reader system

Help Alert - Wireless Staff Duress Solution

 Powered by PinPoint® Locating Technology, Help Alert uses Wi-Fi technology to locate staff in need of assistance, indoors or outdoors.
Locate Staff Quickly
 With the press of a button, Help Alert pendants discreetly report the location to security monitors and mobile devices, updating the staff member’s location as he or she moves. 
Universal Device Access
 The Help Alert 2.1 software interface runs in HTML5, supporting laptops, desktop computers, Android devices, and other smart phones and tablets. Dedicated Apple® iOS apps are also available to help mobilize your security team.
Silent Alarm
 The pendant discreetly alerts security teams without drawing extra attention or potentially escalating situations.
Leverage Existing Wi-Fi

Since the system can be quickly and easily setup to use your WLAN or existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, you won’t need wires, power cables, or any new construction work. 

Fully Supervised

You’ll be notified if a pendant or reference tag has a low battery, or if the system has a fault.


Software can be interfaced with a facility’s security cameras to see real-time video of the location where the alert is occurring

Safe Place - Infant & Pediatric Security Solutions

Infant Protection You Can Count On
Safe Place Infant Security integrates small, lightweight transmitters with single-platform software to protect newborns in your care. If a banded patient is too close to a monitored exit, doors lock, an alarm sounds, and staff are instantly notified. Components operate independently from servers, maintaining protection in the event of a server shut-down. Safe Place components are certified to conform to the UL 294 Standard, ensuring quality and performance.
NEW Baby Check™ Matching Transmitter
Baby Check works with Safe Place to ensure the correct baby is presented to the right room and mother. With simple, automated verification at the door, Baby Check saves time, protects against mismatch and gives patients added peace of mind.  
Smart Sense Patented Technology
 In addition to cut-band technology, Smart Sense® monitors if the transmitter is loose, no longer in contact with the infant or possibly tampered with, and notifies staff instantly. 
Designed for Hospitals
Our Pre-Enroll feature allows nurses to be ready and begin protecting newborns within 60 seconds of banding. Adjust feature allows the banding to be tightened or loosened to accommodate the changes in a newborn’s weight without waste.
Locked Units

Is your facility’s security meeting consumer demand?

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