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Access Control Systems

Panasonic Phone Systems


Align your business for success. Panasonic Business Communication Servers allow you to easily configure for 8 to 1000 extensions, reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks and support your mobile workforce with cordless connectivity. The future of business is connected. And the future is now.

Nurse Call Integration

The Poltys Direct Care Connect software applicationruns on a server connected to a nurse call system (alarm controller and alarm points in patient rooms) and to a Panasonic phone system. (Poltys does not sell nurse call systems, but is compatible with a variety of these.)The software relays alarms to a caregiver’s cordless DECT handset when a patient pushes an alarm button or pulls an
alarm cord. A GUI on the DECT handset gives the caregiver (e.g. nurse or doctor)three options: (1) to acknowledge the alarm (indicating they will handle the patient’s request) or (2) to escalate the patient request to an alternate responder, or (3) to reply to the patient with a return phone call. The Direct Care
Connect software also collects, sorts and filters data to generate reports and graphs that aid in staffing and workflow optimization. 

KX-NS700 Unified Communications Platform

The system has sufficient capacity for legacy and IP ports, and Expansion
Cabinets can be used to expand the system when you want. It can even
connect to the Panasonic KX-NS1000 system to create a small, medium and
enterprise solution.


In healthcare environments, consistent, clear communications
are critical. The KX-NS700 is a solution that allows your staff
to access easy-to-use technology and remain in constant contact with
other team members and patients or residents, wherever they are.
Equally valuable is its ability to integrate with your existing care
applications, such as emergency call systems.